Friday, March 31, 2017

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This time, I will be talking about how we, the United States, helped Cuba gained their own independence from Spain in 1898. We assisted in war to protect our business and our citizens who are in Cuba. This war was called and known as "Spanish-American" war. The United States watched with interest as Cuba struggled for independence. Though, most of the fighting took place in Cuba, the first major battle was NOT fought here! It was fought half way around the world in Manila, Philippines! Manila is located in the Philippine Islands, which back then, of course was ruled by Spain. U.S. fleet, led by Commodore Dewey also defeated the Spanish there. Then, Theodore Roosevelt went to Cuba to help Cuba in war. Until now, U.S. and Cuba have a good relationship between these 2 countries!

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  1. Great post and explains how Spain gained their Independence very well.